May is blossoming


What a blogging deficit: it may seem as if I have lost my laptop and finally turned away from all technology. It may appear that I have not put one finger on the computer keyboard. But this is far from the truth. I have at times over the last few months felt more shackled to the laptop than the farm or family.

My first book, Call the Vet, was released by Ebury at the end of April. It was a canter in the finishing and now a gallop in the promoting. It is my story – my first year as a vet in rural Dorset, all the adventures (and misadventures!), the farmers, dramas and the romance.

The reception from friends, family and colleagues has been heart-warming and the media reviews overwhelmingly positive. I made a Daily Mail journalist cry at the right bit! Read for yourself:

This has all been set to the overtures of calving. We have cut the number of breeding cows down but it is still a lot of work especially when seven cows calve in 24 hours with two sets of twins! Joyfully the maternity clinic is finished for the year and the nursery is out at grass. We are just hoping for the wind to calm down – the trampoline will not survive another airborne mission after last October’s gales, nor will the beautiful blossom in the orchard. The sun is peeping through the clouds as I tap. There is much new life and excitement to look forward to.


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