I can feel a campaign coming on: Save our Post Office

Royal Mail Cycle

Royal Mail Cycle (Photo credit: kenjonbro)


While waiting to get out of the grid-locked school car park and wondering if I would be late for the 9.15 consult (someone was blocking the passage of the school bus along the narrow country lane) my friend Emily told me that there is a rumour going around that our Post Office is being targeted for closure fairly soon, as part of the national strategy.


This would be awful.  Our next nearest Post Office is six miles away.  But worse, the Post Office is our village shop, selling everything from stamps to wine. Its closure would seriously affect us all, but particularly the older generation, many of whom do not drive. I can’t help thinking that more than financial gain should be considered as the priority here. Also, its run by George and Patty, a lovely, warm couple who have been here for years and are a part of the village fabric. To see them lose their income would be a crying shame.


I can feel a campaign coming on, but it will need a determined leader, and I do not have the time. I do know that Rob’s mother Diana will get hot under the collar about this, so I shall give her the details later with a large hint that she could become the village saviour. She’s very good at that sort of thing, and has a huge social conscience.



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