The generation game: who should we build for?

Dorset Landscape

Dorset Landscape (Photo credit: Phil Beard)


I was ploughing my somewhat characterful car through our second largest small town – if that’s not a contradiction in terms –  on my way to castrate a goat.  As I rounded a corner on the incoming main road, I saw a builder’s sign advertising a brand new estate of ‘luxury apartments for the retired’.  A picture on the billboard showed a neat row of perhaps 24 flats ranged over two floors.  No prices were given, but in Dorset they won’t be cheap.


My immediate thoughts: the town doesn’t have the infrastructure to support this kind of development for older people; what does this do to house prices for the young locals who are gradually being driven out through scarcity of suitable housing; are our country towns progressively becoming identikit carbon copies of each other?


It’s a shame. On the other hand, the old Parents might find it acceptable – if they can lose three-quarters of their accumulated junk!  I shall have to think of a way to introduce the matter to them.  I’m sure Mum would leap at the chance to be closer to her grandchildren, and Dad would go along with it, if only to keep the peace.





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