PD Positive


I sit tapping away, gently steaming, releasing the not unpleasant smell of cow, having come straight from the yard with good news: the majority of our cows are in calf. They are pregnant and most will have their calves this spring. Hooray.

To ascertain this I spent a good part of the morning with my hand up a cow’s rectum.  It’s one way to keep your hand warm on a cold winter’s morning!  For those on some dodgy internet search: the reproductive tract lies just under the rectum so on gentle palpation you can feel the uterus (womb) sitting in the pelvis, and all its amazing changes over the nine months of the bovine gestation.

So despite the weather of last year they have conceived and have held so far.  Let’s not count chickens before they are hatched, or calves before they are born…. See my earlier Schmallenberg posting…..

But the first hurdle has been cleared; well done farmer Rob.  Or at least well done Brigadier our lovely Red Devon bull!


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