Christmas is just not for dogs

Everyone knows that a puppy is not just for Christmas.

But did you also know that Christmas is just not for puppies, or most dogs for that matter?

Christmas can be a stressful and risky time for dogs.  Things are different from normal, there’s lots going on that they don’t understand, and that can make them very anxious.

Also, Christmas is a health and safety minefield.  Dogs can raid the chocolates, which, containing theobromine, can damage their hearts rather than making them put on weight. Tinsel and Christmas cracker gifts can cause life-threatening intestinal blockages.  This year, too, I have already seen one dog with pancreatitis from finishing all those lovely fatty bits from the Christmas turkey: essentially, the pancreatic enzymes start digesting the pancreas as if it was food.  It’s a painful and nasty condition usually needing hospitalisation.

To try to make sure we all have a happy Christmas, I’ve bought a plug-in happy hormone to put in the dogs’ room, to keep them nice and calm.  It releases dog-appeasing pheremones and makes them feel relaxed and contented.  And the dogs are shut out of any rooms with seasonal temptations if we are not there.


1 thought on “Christmas is just not for dogs

  1. Can you get plug-in happy hormones for visiting elderly relative bedrooms? or for over-excited, waking early children rooms?

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